Tuesday, February 17, 2015

sleepy mornings

Fun fact: the first few hours after one wakes up in the morning (when the sun is up before I am at least) is actually my favorite time of the day. Here in Buenos Aires, I am always greeted by the warm morning sun filtering in through the large windows that face my bed, curtains swaying in the breeze and the muffled sound of traffic nine stories below filling the room.

And of course, I always look forward to the first meal of the day, which just so happens to be the most underplayed meal of the day in Argentina. Desayuno at home here no longer consists of a hearty helping of pancakes, waffles, eggs, and bacon. My selections are usually limited to either a bowl of fresh fruit, small cereal bars, and freshly squeezed orange juice or medialunestostada, and coffee/tea with a side of jam and manteca. Breakfast here is very light and usually grabbed to go, a definite change for me because I usually sit down to a wholesome meal back in the states before running off for the day. 

Oh, how I miss IHOP and NYC brunch. 

I actually prefer the taste of freshly squeezed OJ over the store-bought kind.
An alfajor (popular South American shortbread sandwich cookie) and an unidentifiable yet tasty bowl of fruit 
Charming hand-painted birdies 
When you don't have space for a traditional garden in an apartment in urban Buenos Aires, you get creative and branch out the window!

I just returned from Uruguay two days ago (take me back plz!!), and am working on curating a post about my time there. Lots of photos to sort through before it goes live, so stay tuned!


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