Thursday, February 12, 2015

La Boca

Known for its brilliantly colored buildings, La Boca is home to bohemian artists, rabid fútbol fans, and tango artists. Cobblestone streets, eclectic artwork, celeste y blanco striped jerseys, overpriced handmade crafts, and inviting cafés dot the barrio, making it an iconic spot here in Buenos Aires. Even so, we've been warned on more than one occasion that La Boca after dark is quite sketch; proceed with extra caution when night falls. Nonetheless, this is a place definitely worth going back to bright and early over the weekend—us gringos/yanquis aren't trying to get robbed over here. 

Probably the most photographed part of La Boca: Caminito, a traditional alley and street museum.
An inviting bathroom
Cute magnets
This tree looks like its ready to rave.
Me n my boy Gabino Coria Peñaloza, Argentine poet and lyricist
Successfully resisted the urge to buy all of these pieces.
Never pass up a mean muggin' photo opp
Nayana, Jess, Vic, and me being touristy
So much amazing graffiti here! Must dedicate a whole post to street art in the city.
Today marks the end of my first week of classes and the start of a five day weekend thanks to Carnaval, a circus, parade, street party kind of public celebration that takes place throughout South America. I'll be taking advantage of my break in Uruguay!


  1. So lovely to be following your journey, especially after such a long absence form your blog! I can't get over how colourful and quaint everything is, surely a wonderful sight for any pair of sore eyes.

    1. Ah, so nice to hear from you, Rachel! I've always wanted to see your side of the world down in Australia!