Sunday, February 1, 2015

hasta luego NYC

It didn't really hit me that I was going to be abroad for 4 whole months until just a few days ago when I started to pull out my suitcases and think about all the things I needed to survive in a different continent. I've been daydreaming about Buenos Aires since my freshman year of college, and I can't believe I'll be flying right on over in just a few hours.

Nevertheless, I am so thrilled to be heading off to South America. I intended to go to a country that would instill some sense of culture shock, immersing myself in a part of the world that I would never imagine myself ever going to (had to convince my worrisome parents about this spiritual Argentine journey for a while). Europe, although equally if not more beautiful and wonderful than South America, seems so tried and true—I have a feeling I'll always have opportunities to visit countries across the Atlantic at some point in my life.

Plus, I have always loved Latin culture, especially the food (mmm... dulce de leche on everything, please!) I also can't dance for the life of me, so here's to hoping that my lack of coordination won't be too embarrassing if I decide to pick up tango (hahaha just thinking about my poor attempts makes me laugh). Most of all, I'm excited to have half a year of summer soaking up vitamin D. Goodbye, seasonal affective disorder.

I've got a solid bucket list for down south, and I'm stoked to get the ball rolling and to make some incredible memories!


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