Sunday, June 29, 2014

Return from an unintended hiatus and Chirlien's birthday brunch

Hi! It's been half a year since I last updated - the polar vortexes have passed along with the much anticipated spring season that graced the city after a terribly cruel winter. Summer's in full swing, and definitely hotter than ever. Ending freshman year was so bittersweet; I can still hardly believe it's over. It's been such a ride, and I definitely worked my butt off alongside great friends that have made the beginning of my journey so remarkable (miss ya Preems if you're reading this!). The wonderful memories I've made during my first year of college only serve as a reminder of how quickly time flies and, before I know it, I'll be one of the many graduates fully clad in a (baseball) cap and gown among the sea of violet at Yankee Stadium.

I thought I'd finally come back to this blog after unintentionally neglecting it for so long. Truthfully, I haven't taken out my DSLR during my outings as of late; lugging around the device is more of hassle than not when all you want to do is have a good time with good people. The photos below are actually taken from Carly's camera from yesterday's brunch commemorating Chirlien's birthday. It was such a relaxing day kicking back and catching up with high school friends. Not to mention we were in such high spirits after witnessing Colombia's win against Uruguay in the World Cup, weaving among devoted fans all decked out in the victor's colors out in Astoria. Their energy was contagious.

Brunch at the Queen's Kickshaw. Our gawky server's unexpected frankness put us into a fit of giggles as we enjoyed our grilled cheeses and sunny-side up eggs. 
Me and the birthday girl!
Surprised Chirlien with mini cannolis and a fruit tart from the neighborhood's authentic Italian pastry shop, Gianpiero's Bakery. 
Us and our thrifted treasures in tow 

Fingers crossed for more posts this summer despite my internship/job/other callings :-)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 to all of my lovely readers! Thanks for following me on my journey and all of the little moments I've documented since I began this blog. May this new year bring a plethora of unhampered happiness and amazing, new discoveries :-) 

For the first time in a long time, I didn't get to witness the ball drop from Times Square on television (I am always at awe when I hear about the gruesome 12-hour waits some people endure in the freezing cold at the end of the year!). Instead, I spent a handful of days in Boston's frigid depths of winter, and watched fireworks from the dock along the harbor as soon as 2014 arrived. Here are a couple of photos from the 200+ I've taken on my outings around the quaint little city that is of Boston :-)

The waters of the Boston Public Garden froze over, allowing visitors to venture out onto the surface. 
The world's smallest suspension bridge!
Shamelessly creeped around the historic neighborhood of some of Boston's most affluent residents, admiring the beautiful gaslit streets, brick sidewalks, and grand townhouses. 
Undoubtedly fell in love with Beacon Hill 
Took the trolley to Cambridge and explored Harvard's campus for a little bit before heading over to their Museum of Natural History.
The amazing collection of glass flowers all handmade by glass artisans Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka (1887-1936).
The unique blue of American Robin Eggs has been speculated to better blend in at the bottom of the nest under the shade of trees from outside predators. 
A tribute to Mexico's Cinco de Mayo
Tracey Emin's "With You I Breathe" at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts
"Red Disaster" by Andy Warhol
The "Think Pink" exhibition explores the changing meaning of the color pink in art and fashion.
Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of good fortune and auspicious beginnings
Seated Buddha with Bhumisparsha Mudra ("touching the earth") hand gestures, representing unshakability or steadfastness as he attains enlightenment 
Leaf of a Qur'an: "for those who believe and do good deeds there will be Gardens graced with flowing streams"