Monday, July 28, 2014

New England Highlights

Who knew that 6 months later, I'd be back to the city of Boston with a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island? As much as I love New York City, I find myself itching to explore new places of interest - especially cute little coast towns like Newport. The change of pace is truly a breath of fresh air. Since I grew up in the city my entire life, I have always associated it with school/work/crowds/tourists/exhaustion/$$$$$. Even when I hang out, it's about rushing to not be late, thinking of the long commute, being early on line, choosing the shortest route from point A to point B. Trips like these remind me to take a step back and just let things fall into place on their own. 

Enduring the 4+ hour bus ride was worth the afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library. 
I am such a huge fan of tea so I was super stoked to accompany the cute sandwiches and scones with white wedding tea, matcha green tea, and jasmine tea. 
My Bostonian cousin Jing Ya (pictured above) housed me for the weekend and invited my other cousin Rosa (pictured below) and me to her friends' barbecue. The odd little pickle-sized meat on the grill is actually the result of us forgetting to bring along burger buns for the burger meat and sausages for the hot dog buns. With a little innovation, the 'burgerdog' was born.
Rosa and I love seeing Melo the maltipoo (follow him on Instagram @maltipoop!) whenever we're in town. He's such a funny character; it's hard to deny him his mandatory belly rubs. 
Jing Ya's friend owns an adorable toy poodle named Bimmer. I'd like to think Bimmer and Melo are BFFs even though they need to work on their sharing skills :-) 
We went out to Newport with Melo who hates being cooped up at home. He loves cuddling with people and sitting on your lap when there's plenty of space!
I'm obsessed with this shirt dress from Zara. It's even got pockets - a must in my book!
We explored the grounds of a few notable historical mansions just before the rain caught us. Yes, I do have an affinity for Gatsby-like homes. This one here is the Rosecliff Mansion.

This past weekend was a culmination of good food and good company, the perfect combination of happy smiles and warm memories. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Return from an unintended hiatus and Chirlien's birthday brunch

Hi! It's been half a year since I last updated - the polar vortexes have passed along with the much anticipated spring season that graced the city after a terribly cruel winter. Summer's in full swing, and definitely hotter than ever. Ending freshman year was so bittersweet; I can still hardly believe it's over. It's been such a ride, and I definitely worked my butt off alongside great friends that have made the beginning of my journey so remarkable (miss ya Preems if you're reading this!). The wonderful memories I've made during my first year of college only serve as a reminder of how quickly time flies and, before I know it, I'll be one of the many graduates fully clad in a (baseball) cap and gown among the sea of violet at Yankee Stadium.

I thought I'd finally come back to this blog after unintentionally neglecting it for so long. Truthfully, I haven't taken out my DSLR during my outings as of late; lugging around the device is more of hassle than not when all you want to do is have a good time with good people. The photos below are actually taken from Carly's camera from yesterday's brunch commemorating Chirlien's birthday. It was such a relaxing day kicking back and catching up with high school friends. Not to mention we were in such high spirits after witnessing Colombia's win against Uruguay in the World Cup, weaving among devoted fans all decked out in the victor's colors out in Astoria. Their energy was contagious.

Brunch at the Queen's Kickshaw. Our gawky server's unexpected frankness put us into a fit of giggles as we enjoyed our grilled cheeses and sunny-side up eggs. 
Me and the birthday girl!
Surprised Chirlien with mini cannolis and a fruit tart from the neighborhood's authentic Italian pastry shop, Gianpiero's Bakery. 
Us and our thrifted treasures in tow 

Fingers crossed for more posts this summer despite my internship/job/other callings :-)