Friday, April 24, 2015


I seized another opportunity to hit the beach last week (who wouldn't when it's an all-expense-paid trip, too?). This time around I was with most of my school – a weekend escape with friends, peers, and my fav staff members. My program caps at a little less than 70 people, and even though it seems like a tiny number compared to the 40,000 students at NYU back in New York, it's still hard to get to know everyone beyond just the names and faces. The few days we had at Mar del Plata was a great chance to hang out with everyone, even the awesome down-to-earth student life staff who made all of it possible.

Anyways, Mar del Plata is a major fishing port right on the coast of the Atlantic and it's also the biggest seaside beach resort in Argentina. There are so many shipyards, ports, and beaches taking advantage of the city's prime real estate. Fun fact: The city used to be a seasonal resort back in the 20th century when the elite built luxury-laden European-inspired (think elaborate chalets, eaves, and porches) summer homes for themselves. Today, many of the residences are converted into upscale restaurants, clubs, and markets to accommodate the influx of tourists.

It was really cool seeing these houses because they reminded me of the suburbs back home with their freshly manicured lawns, shiny mailboxes, and backyards well-equipped with pools. An odd sight in Latin America with its dense cities, tiny pockets of towns, and fields that stretch on forever. But, what was really wonderful about Mar del Plata were the gorgeous sunsets on the beach. El cielo fue un hermoso tono de naranja a la puesta de sol. The skies would turn this truly impressive shade of orange, sometimes pink, at the horizon – right where the blue waters met the even bluer skies. When we realized our cameras weren't doing the sunsets any justice, we would just sit against the rocks in awe of the view before us, listening to the crashing tides and watching surfers catch their final waves.

And after a delicious dinner and some alcohol-induced fun, we'd find ourselves right back on the beach past midnight, sans anything but the moonlight and distant lights of clubs just opening up for the night to guide our clumsy run to the shore. Our eyes adjusted to the pitch blackness of everything around us, and for a while, the world felt so vast and us so incredibly tiny. With our pants rolled up at our ankles and skirts gathered by the fist, we danced on the soft sand, music blasting from our phones, foolishly running into the freezing waters and back. We stargazed, thinking about how cool it is that the moon before us pulls the tides every night. And when we really started to feel the cold seep into our bones, we sought refuge at a club. We danced and danced 'til we realized how many hours of sleep we had left before we had to get up in the morning for our trip back to Buenos Aires, the fleeting moments from the night becoming pocketed memories to tell another day. 


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